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Beauty can be seen in all things

seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph

September 12 2016
My new website is almost done my aim is to get is fully functional by the end of this year it's getting there but it's not done yet, im also thinking about changing the color on my logo more about that later

11 oktober 2016
The decision has been made the new color for NV Photography starting from 2017 is going to be orange expect the new color more and more on the website untill every spot op pink is gone

gallery/new nv color

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24 Oktober 2016

New Links are added to the footer of the page for my social media and the creative commons license for more information on that click the CC image

About me page is also filled in and provided with a photograph


March 22 2017 portfolio

I made a beginning on the portfolio page now there a two options photography or video i added 2 video's allready and soon i will add more photography is unfortunatly still empty for now but that will also change in the near future, also im thinking about adding a custom logo portfolio but i need permission from the business owners to show their logo's here more on that soon

12th of june 2017 New Oppertunity

Last saturday was my first day as band photographer for The Rousers from Bathmen (NL) keep an eye on my portfolio for the pictures from these awesome artists and there killer show


25th july Updated

Today i gave my website a well deserved update with new video's in four catagories and new photo slideshows in my portfolio